Music Review

Pitbull – Shut It Down ft. Akon – Dance Mix
So Pitbull has been on his grind releasing single after single. He’s doing all up-tempo club/party type joints and they seem to be doing wonders for him on the charts and in terms of sales. I heard his new single called “Shut It Down” and decided it was perfect for a really banging club mix and so I obliged.
Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Dreams (Soft Rock)
5 stars Part II of this song with Alicia Keys singing solo is so much better then the T.I. club ready version. Though I did like the upbeat version she collaborated with, I do believe this version is far superior. It’s actually quite beautiful in its suave quality that really showcases Alicia’s beautiful vocals. The song is a beautiful tribute of New York city not seen in years and forever will be remain tied in to the city it describes.
Basshunter – Angel In The Night (Dance)
1 Star This song is so bland. Their previous releases were a bit Euro trash pop, but kinda fun to listen to. This one is bites the big one.

Chicane vs. Natasha Bendingfield – Brused Water (Dance)
3 Stars  I have always been a fan of Chicane with their quite beautiful dance tracks that really explore emotion in electronic music. I liked this collaboration with the very popular Natasha Bendingfield, though the song does not live up to their previous excellence. It samples one of their signature hits, “Saltwater”, in an effort to recycle a hit to a new audience. The song does not sound original, especially for fans.

David Guetta Feat. Estelle – One Love (Dance)
3 Stars Estelle is better know for last year’s “American Boy” Summer hit. This time she pairs up with the very “in” David Guetta. This song is fun and catchy but not as cutting edge as some of his recent work, like the huge smash hit “Sexy Chick”… or “Bitch” (the non-radio version). Still a nice song for fans like myself.

Ela Rose Feat. David Deejay – I Can Feel (Dance)
4 Stars I never heard of Ela Rose before, but I really liked this song. Though it is your typical female vocal dance formula, I have really grown to like this track. Ela has great vocals that compliment the song well. Worth checking out.

Groove Armada – Paper Romance (Dance)
4 1/2 Stars Groove Armada has been putting out some really great tunes lately. I have really enjoyed their sound. Their sound is best described as 80’s retro modernized with an electronic sound. The song has great vocals and a very catchy chorus. Check out the remixes too.

Inna – Hot (Dance)
4 1/2 Stars Inna is hot, it’s a hot track, and it has been an international success with club play in the US. This is the kind of memorable summer dance song that brings back good memories whenever you replay it.

John Mayer – Heartbreak Warfare (Pop/Rock)
4 Stars I was not too familiar with John Mayer, but I’m sure I would probably recognize some of his older songs if I were to hear them. This is a great new track that has been quite nicely embraced by radio. Despite the song being a bit overplayed by radio, it still resonates with me. This is a true testament of the quality of the song.

Kelis – Acapella (Pop/Dance)
4 Stars Kelis had a pretty big R&B hit a few summers past called “Milkshake”. Though the song was consider urban style and widely embraced by R&B stations, the song’s rhythm hinted at a hard electronic bass line. This new single, “Acapella”, is a beautiful combination of a Donna-Summer-like melody with a hard bass line. It’s too bad that radio in the US ignored this track.

Kris Allen – Live Like We’re Dying (Pop)
2 1/2 Stars I liked Kris Allen when he first won American Idol and I really enjoyed this first single of his. I liked the lyrics and thought it to be inspirational and heartfelt. Though I give this song a low rating, it has had radio-play staying power. I do, however, find myself changing the station when the song comes up. Hopefully he will be able to show his talent better in the future. releases.

Lady Antebellum – Need You Now (Rock/Pop)
4 Stars Who doesn’t like this song? It’s a perfect rock/pop song with just the right hint of country mixed in. A beautiful chorus ties in perfectly with the melody and instrumentals. Who hasn’t been drunk and really needed a lost love to be tender…? Well, at least that’s how I interpret it.

Lady GaGa – Alejandro (Pop)
5 Stars Lady GaGa does it again with yet another very successful single. This one incorporates an Ace of Base energy beat with even some Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita” rhythms, at times, especially in the video. The song has an infectious chorus that has you calling out “Alejandro!” and “Fernando!” in the middle of the night for no special reason. Classic Gaga song. Keep ’em coming!

Madonna – Revolver

3 Stars Released as a promo-only for her greatest hits album, this song falls flat and definitely does not live up to Madonna’s standards. Despite it’s mediocracy, it has some pretty good remixes available on iTunes.

Matt & Kim – Daylight Outro (Pop/Rock)
2 Stars This song had potential, and has great intro, but I just never really got into it. I just thought it was trying to hard to be Depeche Mode with little success.

Morgan Page – Strange Condition (Dance)
3 Stars I really like Morgan Page but I thought this song was a bit weak in comparison to his recent releases. With that said, this is still a pretty decent song, especially the Inpetto Remix. The style remind me a bit of ATB’s style of beats.

New Boyz Feat. Ray J. – Tie Me Down (R&B)
3 Stars This song has a great chorus that starts up with no hesitation. The song is a bit forgettable but still fun to hear.

SID. -SO PEOPLE curious about the music and new songs sung by yagn Superman Is Dead [SID]. It’s known, a year ago, the band’s name was almost “colonize” every music event that was held in Indonesia. Although not the first, but because it is the SID name, Balinese musicians increasingly taken into account. Now with a new album The Hangover Decade SID try banged the broader market. Because, in the SID officially joined the label Sony Music Indonesia. Will the SID becomes more “soft” character? Stay Cool membered Bobby (vocals, guitar), Ekarock (bass, backing vocals), Jerinx (drums),


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